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GHOSTS in a NEW LIGHT: Haunted Waterways

GHOSTS in a NEW LIGHT is a diary of the events leading up to and including my meetings with trapped spirits (ghosts) along the waterways of the West Midlands in England. On our narrow boat my husband Mike and I entered long spooky tunnels and covered miles of inland waterways and associated areas. Along the way I met hundreds of tragic victims who had died and became stuck on this earth, for reasons which I explain in the book. Remarkably, an infamous German WWI fighter pilot zooms into the grounds of the Black Country Museum and won’t be helped until I am sure of his identity, as well as unravelling his reason for becoming trapped!

Using my psychic abilities I am able to help such spirits to move into the Light and be reunited with their loved ones in heaven. Although a tragic subject, a lot of humour is injected by the spirits themselves and I hope you will join me to find out what happened to each and every one of them before, during and after their deaths.

Cost: £6.99

Never Lose Heart

This book is a beacon of hope for those suffering from depression as well as an opportunity for carers and professionals to experience the thoughts of someone on their own perilous journey. In 1983 I suffered from severe post-natal depression followed by heart failure due to mitral valve disease contracted at my daughter’s birth.   Throughout my 13 month ordeal I was almost driven to suicide due to the effects of negative lost souls whispering into my psyche and feeding on my misery. I felt the bony finger of one of these earthbound spirits poke me in the back before Electro Convulsive Treatment (ECT) eventually ousted them and returned me to my sanity. On a happier note,  I also glimpsed the kind soul of my recently departed father-in-law watching over me before a Guardian Angel saved me from walking blindly into a busy road.

No sooner had I recovered I collapsed with undiagnosed heart disease and thanks to the skill of the surgeon at Southampton General who fitted a replacement heart valve my life was saved for a second time.  After 6 weeks on an antibiotic drip the resulting chemical imbalance in my brain caused yet more delusions, paranoia and worst of all the ability to see and feel the spirit world of dark forms and earthbound spirits that again mocked me in my living nightmare. Most importantly, I never lost heart and believe that all this suffering was necessary to usher in my life-changing gifts of healing and helping souls to return to the light of heaven.

Book Reviews:

Wow – I have just read Jane’s amazing journey in her book Never Lose Heart. Through sharing her story, Jane is not only a very brave lady, she is a true inspiration to anyone who reads it, whether you have ever suffered from depression or not. To me, Never Lose Heart is told Straight From The Heart and Jane has somehow managed to explain the depths and details of this often mis-understood illness, with a balance of lightness and joy of her own effervescent way of appreciating and approaching life and living it to the full.  This is a must read – it will change your perspective, your mind and touch the depths of your own heart.  

Jo Simpson, Author of The Restless Executive, Birmingham.

Just like to tell you how interesting your book is Jane (Never Lose Heart) It took me back to my own depression and made me realise there are lots of different types of depression and that mine was quite mild. Because you are such a close friend the book did upset me tremendously. Knowing what you went through but realising how strong you are…My brother went through the same and I am very close to him so when I finally finished the book it felt good knowing what mountains you both had to climb! And how strong you both are! This has given me great courage. I think it is a fabulous book for anybody to read and I am certainly going to promote it. 

Julie Stone, Owner of Daisy Chain Hairdressers, Arnold.

Cost: £7.99

Coming Soon!

Nature Spirits Revealed

This book is all about the nature of Spirit and how I communicate with its many forms.  A childhood message from the fairies in my grandmother’s garden ushers in my adult conversations with fairies and other nature spirits, including a collosal light being who emerges from the depths of the River Teign in Devon. Come and meet the Cornish nature spirits calling themselves The Crumblies as well as a giant rabbit impersonator who finds it hard to understand humans. Closer to home there is a cantankerous house gnome who teaches me a lesson or two and a garden gnome who morphs into a blackbird by day.

I rescue many fairies who have suffered at the hands of cruel and controlling nature spirits such as hobgoblins and even at the hands of humans and therefore become trapped in their own perpetual death experiences as in the story of a wizened fairy cruelly evicted from our earth through human greed and disregard for nature.

Do animals as well as human spirits go to Heaven? Do nature spirits have a sense of humour? Here I show you many examples of God’s healing through the power of love including orbs of nature spirits and Angels as well as Archangels’ rays on my photographs. The nature spirits in my healing room call  me the Jules Hudson of their world. Their greatest wish is for me to show you around as many diverse gardens as possible so that you can find your own nature spirits in your own dream garden!

Cost: £9.99


Ghostwriters in the Sky ~ A Soul is Forever, Not Just a Lifetime

Four years in the making, this book was channelled to me via Scottish writer and poet Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832) and contains the death experiences and rescue stories of over 100 famous deceased personalities from across many centuries, including poets, writers, comedians, actors and actresses, royalty and even dictators! Hear what Sir Walter Scott has to tell us about his own death experience via a channelled Epithalameum. Why did the likes of American film star Gary Cooper, rock idol Jim Morrison, well loved comedian Eric Morecambe and Chinese dictator Mao Ts-Tung for example become stuck on this earth after their deaths? What did actor Marlon Brando, versifier Patience Strong, well-loved Princess Diana and beautiful song-bird Karen Carpenter for example have to share with us after their own safe arrivals on the other side, from where we all originate? Famous writers and poets speak through their own words and brands of original poetry and even the Almighty Himself has words for his ‘erring children’.

Cost: £10.99