Reiki Training

If you are interested in becoming a Reiki Practioner the following courses are available, generally over a weekend.

Reiki Level One

This involves four attunements – two on each day to accustom you gently to the powerful Reiki energy. You will be taught the history of traditional Usui Reiki and how it can be used to help yourself to heal as well as others. Full guidance on hand positions and various uses of Reiki are given, as well as a booklet which provides all the information you may need to refer to. After the 21 day initiation process you will be certified as having been attuned to Level One Reiki. To enquire about the next Reiki Level One Training class please use the contact form here.

Price: £125

Reiki Level Two

Being attuned to the second level of Reiki brings about a natural boost to your healing ability, enabling you to enhance Reiki healings on yourself and others. Three sacred symbols are taught which furthers your knowledge and ability.

This level requires homework over a period of several weeks or months (this may differ for each individual), in particular, exchanging a newly acquired ability to send Reiki by long distance with other Reiki Two students on the course. To enquire about the next Reiki Level Two Training class please use the contact form here.

Price: £175

Reiki Level Three (Reiki Master/Teacher level)

Being a Reiki Master means ‘being in control of your own energies’ and this advanced attunement speaks for itself. At this level you may go on to teach and give Reiki attunements yourself. In order to respect other local Reiki Masters, the cost of this training is set at the same level throughout Nottingham. To enquire about the requirements for Reiki Master Training please click here.

Price: £500