Ghost Clearings

Ghosts are just like you or me, only they have left their earthly body and their spirit has been prevented from following the return path back home, into the place we call heaven – the place of pure unconditional love from which we are all born – and all have the right to return to after our ‘earth experience’ is over.

Most people pass over naturally, but occasionally they will become trapped here, or earthbound, due to the nature of their sudden death (their consciousness hasn’t had time to register what has happened to them), a very strong emotional need to remain in order to sort out unfinished business, or retribution, or merely because of their intense feelings of fear or unworthiness at the moment of death. Because their spirit body continues to haunt the places familiar to him or her, the whisper of energy or aura left behind is often seen.

For more information about the nature of ghosts, may I recommend that you attend one of my workshops or purchase Ghosts in a New Light – Haunted Waterways.  (See under Books)

How do Ghosts effect our lives?

In spite of the reputation given to these poor trapped souls, ghosts really should not be feared. They merely need to be helped back into the light of heaven to continue their soul experience and, most importantly to us humans, be reunited with deceased loved ones who DID make it safely home. Over the past twenty years I have helped tens of thousands of spirits to move over and cleared houses and offices, as well as people’s energy fields (wandering spirits can become attached to an individual and ‘suck their energy’, causing headaches, confusion and tension etc). If you feel you would like help in releasing such hindering energies, then a session can be booked whereby reiki, angels and/or crystals can be utilised to help further.

I have found that many children, particularly, are being adversely affected by these (usually unintentional) hindering energies. For example, a young child who has ‘an imaginary friend’ may well be able to see and interact with a ghost (or trapped spirit – remember, it is nothing to be fearful of but rather should be helped on his or her way with loving guidance).

Examples of my work

The clearing of a major London office block of hundreds of poor, wandering spirits, associated with the slave trade, the Great Fire of London and the Old Bailey! This only became clear as I communicated with each ghost before moving him or her into the Light (of heaven). Whilst carrying out personal clearing work for the boss and his senior staff, the lights of the offices flickered with the movement of these spirits homewards – nothing at all to worry about but quite bizarre to most! We are all made of energy so when there are surges of these earthbound spirits moving over it is bound to effect electric lights, etc.

Sometimes, but very rarely, I am called upon to deal with very strong negative thought forms which affect people’s lives. If a lot of emotions such as fear, confusion or hatred linger in an atmosphere these bundles of negative thought forms can take on a life of their own. One such example of this was the occasion when the trapped spirit of a little boy, who had been sacrificed during a witchcraft ceremony in the Victorian era, was released from the three evil thought forms which were holding him earthbound. He was received safely into the arms of his waiting mother, on the ‘other side’ and the shop was cleared and blessed, the negative thought forms broken up and unable to generate any more controlled fear. The atmosphere then returned to normality and some flowers were laid on the place behind the shop where he had died, a loving and thoughtful gesture by the family friend who had told me of the shop’s haunting, having heard the young spirit boy calling for help in a dream.

My book, Ghosts in a New Light – Haunted Waterways, takes you on my adventures along the Canals where I met and rested hundreds of trapped spirits such as these, including one or two well-known public figures! My aim is to bring about a new understanding of ghosts, the way we inadvertently react to them and deny them the chance to be helped. If we, or any members of our family, were unfortunate enough to become trapped on this earth after our death would we not be grateful to receive love instead of fear from humanity in general, therefore enabling our spirits to be released through understanding and compassion?

If you need help with releasing any earthbound spirits please contact me and I will respond as quickly as possible.

What does a treatment involve?

I use dowsing to remove negative thought forms stuck within your personal energy field (balls of energy such as fear and anger from within yourself or from an external experience). These can be accumulated over time within the physical, emotional, spiritual or psychic levels; I release these by transmuting them (changing their form) with the aid of my crystal dowser. If you are particularly sensitive to energy change you may experience changes in your body temperature or tingling  during an individual session. Dowsing for earthbound spirits is done in the same fashion, and energetically it is like hooking an unwanted attachment from within your personal space and moving it on via a passage of light. Again, all this entails is me moving from one energy centre to another, along the length of your body. Should you require your home clearing I will do this before the treatment on the couch dependent upon the time available.

How long is a session?

Approximately one hour when combined with Reiki to loosen and infiltrate the seven major chakras of the body. Lost souls can attach from childhood and it may take several hourly sessions to find and evict them all.  Even then, if a person continues with old patterns of stress and worry they are a magnet for more lost souls to attach and it may be advantageous to visit for a ‘spring clean’ on a regular basis!

Clearing of premises long distance can be done in a matter of minutes.

How much is a session?

£45 for one to one and a half hours. (Please note I am currently only doing long distance sessions as below due to family commitments)

£50 for long distance sessions in the evenings which includes feedback via email.


House clearance free but donations for feedback and time gratefully appreciated.