Angels are everywhere! These messengers of God are not just present at Christmas time but watch over us every day, no matter who we are. We all have a personal Guardian Angel who is forever connected with us to guide and comfort, as well as spiritual guardians known as Spirit Guides to help us on our earthly journey. As well as communing with the Angels, I can help you discover the unconditional love of your special Guardian Angel as well as the mighty Archangels, who are tripping over their wings to help us in every aspect of our lives.

What are Angels?

Angels are androgynous – that is, made up of both male and female energy, as are humans, only Angels are pure Spirit and work with God alongside us to help and guide us on our earthly journey. The Archangels, who are the overseers of Angels and their work, and whose energies are magnificent and omnipresent, are also there to offer mankind help with healing and personal development, and to lead us gently back to a state of wholeness and oneness with God and creation. The Arches or Archways are held open by the Archangels for each one of us to enter to gain healing, knowledge and wisdom. By allowing ourselves to open up and connect with our own unique spiritual and psychic capabilities we allow a clearer signal with which to hear their messages. This guidance can help with personal problems, practical matters and spiritual development but most of all bring about a feeling of tremendous joy and unconditional love for ourselves, those around us, and for every living thing.

What does a treatment involve?

Having experienced the help of Angels and Guides over my lifetime I am fully equipped to teach others and am fortunate enough to have been given the ability to channel personal messages to individuals in order to facilitate their own healing journeys. These messages can be incorporated into any part of my healing therapies but are also provided as part of my Angel Workshop Training. I will provide you with the name of your Angel or Guide and any message which is channelled. If you are quite a chatty person then your message will probably be likewise, but if you are more reserved the message will usually reflect your own personality!

Most times the Angels’ messages are cryptic but contained within them is knowledge on a certain level, which you may or may not see until later. The only thing you have to do is to accept this gift with the unconditional love with which your Angel or Guide has sent it! I give talks on my own personal experiences of Angels, Spirit Guides and Elementals (nature spirits) and run Angel Workshops to teach others about these very special energies, leading them to more understanding and development of their own communication skills. These Workshops are often life-changing and a typical example of previous students’ comments can be found on the comments page.

Angel channelling is provided as part of the healing treatment I offer. Reiki, crystal healing and dowsing to remove hindering blockages within the body’s energy centres is perfectly complemented with the help of these Divine Beings, who wish only the best for each and every one of us. Each Archangel is assigned by God to help with the development of each chakra, or wheel of a specific colour energy, within each one of us as we develop from a small baby to adulthood. In a healthy person these chakra energy centres will spin at a perfect vibrational rate and glow with colour and this will be the ultimate aim of a healing session or sessions. The aim is to bring your mind, body and spirit back to a healthy state of being and enable you to commune freely with the Angels and Guides who are here to help you on your life’s journey.