Another word for dowsing is divination – an ancient art of tapping into unseen energy sources such as underground streams, gas pipes, lost items, tuning in to the personal human energy centres, the list is endless! Water diviners, for instance, use dowsing rods which rotate, point or swirl aound according to the whereabouts of underground energy streams of water. Many healers use a pendulum, such as a crystal, on the end of a swinging chain and follow the movement of this – for example, forwards and backwards for a positive and round in circles for a negative – to guide them to energy blockages.

Taking this a step further, I dowse for earthbound spirit forms and once ‘hooked’ can have conversations and receive visuals which they wish to share with me. Over many years I have perfected the art of helping these earthbound spirits move on and with every spin of the dowser can feel the joy of their freedom as they enter into the unimaginable love of the enlightenment and healing on the ‘other side’, usually to be met by someone they shared their life with on the earth plane before they died.

My first book, Ghosts in a New Light explains, from the viewpoint of the earthbound spirits, just exactly what it is like to be stuck in this ‘between world’ and quotes examples from the ghosts I met along Britain’s waterways, with the aid of my dowser and psychic abilities.

How do I use dowsing?

Just as a water diviner dowses the earth for water, I can also dowse your energy centres for unwanted and negative ‘thought forms’. These are balls of energy that can build up over a prolonged period of time, whether by harmful thoughts or words of another – particularly if aimed directly at you – or your own unconscious responses to living or being in a stressful enviroment. Over a period of time these negative thought forms can have a detrimental effect on your energy system and overall health. The energies of earthbound spirits can also affect how you feel and act, typically causing headache, aggression or feelings of depression.

Dowsing is a painless procedure unfelt by the majority of people – unless they are very sensitive to their own energies, when they might feel a tingling or other slight sensation – and along with other therapies such as Reiki and crystals, leaves the individual feeling uplifted and able to start healing again. It is just a question of holding my crystal and tuning in during a healing or long distance session. This service is included with the individual Reiki and crystal healing sessions, as a matter of routine (unless this is unwanted, of course). I can also dowse the person’s environment and remove these negative thought forms, or ghosts if appropriate, in the same sitting, providing the ideal situation for healing to take place on all levels.

Negative thought forms stuck in the individual’s energy centres are usually as a result of a build up of unwanted energy around a person, sometimes absorbed over many years. This can be caused by the environment around a person, for example, where there is a lot of negativity, lack of love, arguments etc. Or it may simply be a case of the individual being of a very spiritual nature, attracting earthbound spirits into his or her Light, as I have found to be the case in many young children of today.

The chakra which is blocked usually indicates a build up of these unwanted energies, for example, causing symptoms such as low self esteem which might have been laid down during the development of the solar plexus chakra, causing it to become unbalanced in some way. Removing these blockages before and after using the balancing energy of crystals and Reiki brings these centres back into alignment with the rest of the body’s system, sometimes over a period of time, but usually after only a few sessions.

Using this dowsing ability I have helped clients overcome illnesses such as lupus, depression, cysts and fibroids, arthritis and dysfunctioning of the thyroid, etc. Fear and negativity is the root of all illnesses and this in itself is an energy which, if laid down during vital development of the chakras, can become trapped and cause physical, emotional or spiritual dis-ease. I am merely dowsing for these blockages and transmuting them (causing them to change form and be released) just as I do for earthbound spirits.