Crystals have formed within our earth’s structures for millions of years and are nature’s natural and effective healing tools, containing incredible but subtle vibrational healing energies. They are a gift for us to receive and use to interact with the energies of the human body to help us to heal on all levels. There are many hundreds of different types and each have unique effects in crystal healing.

What do crystals do?

Each crystal’s unique energy resonates with the liquid crystals inside humans and transfers like a flowing vibration through the body, which in turn affects our subtle energy flow. They encourage healing and re-balancing of the mind, body and spirit by releasing blockages which may be causing physical dis-ease of some form or effecting a person’s life in other ways. Experiences of this form of healing vary widely, from physical sensations (typically heat or tingling sensations), feelings of happiness and comfort, ‘seeing’ colours and images, to nothing at all, dependent upon the individual’s own energy flow.

What does a treatment involve?

Following a consultation to ascertain your personal needs, the appropriate crystals will be chosen for you, which I will use during a crystal healing session, complemented with the use of Reiki healing.

The chosen crystals are laid (on top of clothes) along the seven major chakra energy centres to help to clear and balance them. If required, you will be given an appropriate tumble stone crystal to take home and work with after the session, with suitable guidance for use.

Crystals and Chakras

There are hundreds of crystals available for healing but the following is a short guide to some of the crystals typically chosen for an initial layout along the seven major energy centres known as chakras.

quartz Crown centre (above the head) – QUARTZ, the Master Healer and amplifier of all energies (It is what makes your watch tick and was once used to power old crystal radio’s)
amethyst Brow (or 3rd eye) – AMETHYST, to soothe and calm this area, which is connected to the intellectual and intuitive mind as well as the areas of the eyes, nose, ears and nervous system
lace agate Throat centre – BLUE LACE AGATE, a gentle energy to help in this area of the thyroid, bronchials and lungs and communication on all levels
rose quartz Heart centre – ROSE QUARTZ, which is the beautiful pink stone of unconditional love and brings a feeling of self-worth and self-love, which is the first step towards healing
citrine Solar Plexus – CITRINE, to brighten and energise this centre and help bring a sense of sunshine, well-being and personal confidence
carnealian Sacral centre – CARNELIAN, a warm, balancing energy to help in the area of emotional relationships and the reproductive system
smokey quartz Root or Base centre – SMOKEY QUARTZ, the Master Healer with a touch of natural radiation giving it a brown appearance, to help ground and protect your energies

Each energy centre is connected to various body organs as well as to a major gland in the body and this also needs to be taken into account when using the subtle energy healing of crystals. Specific crystals are chosen according to the needs of the individual, who might be encouraged to carry or wear a healing crystal in order to bring balance and healing to the area needed.

It is important to thoroughly cleanse crystals after use, at least once daily, as they act as incredible but subtle sponges which absorb unwanted vibrations of negativity at the same time as emitting their own advantageous healing. For example, an amethyst might be used under a pillow at night, in order to calm the brow area and bring peaceful and relaxing sleep. First thing in the morning – or last thing before sleep – the amethyst, as with all other crystals, can simply be held under running tap water for several seconds with the focused intention of cleansing it of any build up of unwanted ‘debris’, so that it can work to full advantage.